2017 play film
 U.S. | Super 8, 16mm, video, color, sound 4 min. Directed by MM Serra MARY MAGDALENE is a construct of personal, mythological and political projections of the fluid identity of the individual. This digital representation fragments and layers the profile that is representative of multiple gender identities. These fragments and layers use the reflections of the elements through which gender is culturally established; the flowing hair, close ups of the flesh, the legs, the voluptuous torso and lips. In the religious community, the name "Mary Magdalene" is the woman as flesh, the wanton woman. This film emphasizes the camera as a weapon for the filmmaker to create her own visual projection. The sound was recorded during the filmmaker's interaction with "The Bean Garden," an installation by the Fluxus sound artist, Alison Kowles. It is digitally manipulated to present the haunting of memories of both the location, a gutted morgue and the possibilities of a more transformative future. Premiered in the exhibition titled Digital Profiling at the New York Media Center.. Digital Profiling occured in conjunction with an exhibition at C24 Gallery titled Facial Profiling. Screened as part of Femme Fantastique 2018 at Ludlow House and Wicked Queer Film Festival at Brattle Theatre.